10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine - Review and Benefits

Oct 02, 2017 - Zubaida -
10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine - Review and Benefits
Korean skin care is getting famous with every passing day and for all the good reasons. Korean women are known to use 8 to 10 skin care steps in their beauty routine which sounds extensive but they have best skin in the world. There are few reasons why these products work. First they concentrate on hydration which plump the skin and keep it glowing and youthful for longer. Not to forget double cleansing will keep your skin clean from all the impurities and germs which can cause blemishes or breakouts. These steps layer products after products like serums, essence, emulsions and moisturizers which is more effective as you can select different products depending on your skin requirement. You might be thinking layering will suffocate your skin but that's the best part, Korean products have very light texture comparing to other products. Most of them are water based and sink into skin after few minutes. You almost need little then pea size amount of almost all products and they will work wonders for your skin.

So without further delay let me tell you the 10 step Korean skin care i have been using for last few weeks. These steps differ depending on person but all have healthy amount of cleansing and hydration suggestions.
Double cleansing and Exfoliation
Step 1: Oil based cleansing - Makeup remover
In first step you need to remove your makeup and days worth of impurities from your skin. You can either start with wipes to remove first layer of makeup from eyes, lips and face or directly start with your oil based cleanser. There are two options available for this step including cleansing balm or cleansing oil. I have tried Banila.co clean it zero and Heimish all clean in balm cleansers and The face shop rice water cleansing light oil in cleansing oil. These cleansers remove all the impurities from skin properly drawing out dirt and sebum. After using cleansing oil or balm wash your face with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Foam cleanser
Have you hared of double cleansing? This is a step where you double cleanse and get clean and clear skin. You can use water based cleansers including foam cleansers which removes the oil residues left by previous step in case they cause any breakouts. I have used CHICA Y CHICO hatching foam cleanser and It's Skin orange foam cleanser.

Step 3: Exfoliate
Dead skin makes it hard for products to work their magic in skin properly. You do not have to use scrub or exfoliators daily but twice a week using them is very important. If you have dry skin you can use bit strong exfoliators but for sensitive or oily skin you can use mild ones. I am loving Skin Food black sugar wash off mask for deep exfoliation and Skin food rice wash off mask for mild exfoliation. Focusing on nose and areas with more dead/dry skin, rub it on whole face including lips. Wash after wards with lukewarm water.
Toner, essence and ampouleStep 4: Toner
To tone and balance the skins pH level after cleansing and exfoliation is very important. Using toners will soothe and hydrate your skin which can become dehydrated after previous steps. Always pick the toner which is hydrating and alcohol free. Toner also help to absorb the products which you are going to use next. I am currently using The Face Shop chia seed watery toner. You can apply it directly on skin or swipe with cotton pad in outward strokes.

Step 5: Essence
Essence is the most important part of all Koran skin care routine whether you use few steps or all 10 steps. It is a toning serum that not only hydrate but also renewal cells and keep the dead skin from building on surface. This process will keep the skin firm and healthy by increasing its elasticity. I am currently using TonyMoly Floria whitening capsule essence. Massage it lightly on skin with outward moves and pat it into the skin afterwards,

Step 6: Ampoule
Ampoule is highly concentrated form of essence with more active ingredients. It targets the issues of skin including dullness, uneven tone, pores, wrinkles and acne. It is a skin perfecting step to treat skin from with-in and make it soft, supple and brightening. I am currently using It's Skin Power 10 formula with licorice and Grinif Placenta 92 ampoule where using former in night time routine and latter in morning routine. You can also use concentrated serums and boosters in this step.
Sleeping mask, lip mask and eye cream
Step 7: Sheet masks, Eye and lip patches
The most loved part of Korean skin care is also very important part which is applying sheet masks. The serum dripped sheets nourish your skin in 15 to 20 minutes while your relax. You do not need to apply them daily as one or twice a week is enough for that glowing skin. I have shared tons of sheet masks by Skin18 and will be reviewing more. After application massage for few minutes to boost blood circulation. For targeted treatment apply eye or lip patches once a while. For eyes i am currently using Petitfee Gold Hydrogel eye patches and for lips i have tried Etude House cherry jelly lips.

Step 8: Eye cream or serum
Skin around the eyes is thin and more sensitive which also makes it prone to dehydration, eye bags and wrinkles. Applying good eye cream or eye serum daily can protect your eyes form these issues. Do not rub vigorously or tug the skin around eyes, instead gently apply product with ring finger around orbital area from inner corner to outer corner avoiding water line. I like to use Etude House pink vital water eye serum in morning and Benton fermentation eye cream at night.
Emulsion, moisturizer and eye patchesStep 9: Moisturizers or Emulsion
Who can defy the power of moisturizing! With all the cleansing and exfoliating in start you need the hydration of essence locked in your skin with moisturizers. Depending on your skin and time of the day you can choose emulsion, gel, cream or lotion. I like to use Etude House moistfull collagen emulsion in night time routine and their cream in day time routine. Apply and massage a little amount of product on face and neck with outward motions.

Step 10: Sleeping mask or sun Protection
Till now you can get the idea of why Korean skins are so glowing and healthy looking! It is all wonders of hydration. In this final step we are promoting double moisturizing like we did double cleansing. Some might find it extra step but trust me you will love this step for your skin. Here you will apply a layer of sleeping mask which you can wash in morning. And no it is not like any mud or peeling mask. It is rich cream that lock the moisture in place and keep your skin hydrated all night. I have been using Aritaum moisture, collagen sleeping pack and Laneige water sleeping mask and lip mask. They do not feel heavy on skin and after application they start to absorb in skin. In morning routine instead of using sleeping pack, use good sunscreen to avoid harm full UV rays. My current favorite is Etude House sunprise SPF50.

We have been using this skin care routine for more then three weeks and have tried and tested above products on normal, dry, combination and oily skin. The results are remarkable and in one attempt you will find your skin change for better. The skin feels clean, soft, glowing and plump. So far there are no side effects or break outs on any skin. Depending on time and mood i do skip few steps now and then but overall keeping the most basic ones. In my opinion if nothing is working for your skin just try this routine for few days and you will notice the difference.
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