Heimish All Clean Balm - Cleansing Balm Review

May 26, 2017 - Nisha Qasim -
Heimish All Clean Balm - Cleansing Balm Review
Cleansing oil or balm cleansers are first step in your double cleansing method which is best way to get rid of your high coverage makeup. These cleansers help you get rid of all the products efficiently without drying or effecting your skin. The oils melt into the skin and then you can wipe all the grim easily with makeup removing towel. This method is introduced by Korean beauty experts and have become quite popular because of its effectiveness. In almost all Koran brands you can find oil cleansers and balms and today i am going to share my thoughts about Heimish All Clean Balm Cleanser so lets get into the details.
Heimish All Clean Balm natural dupe for Banila co clean it zero balmHeimish All Clean Balm
Heimish All Clean Balm natural close upHeimish All Clean Balm Cleanser
Heimish All Clean Balm natural texture
My Thoughts
First of all the packaging looks very attractive with leaf pattern on the cap of tub and box. The white plastic container is sturdy and travel friendly. It comes with protection lid with attached spatula to dispense out the product.  The texture of balm is very thick like Vaseline and once it makes the contact with skin it instantly melts into oil. The scent of the product is light herbal as there is no added fragrance and have natural ingredients.

Once applied on the face it doesn't become sticky like Vaseline (which i know you would be considering as alternative but that's bad idea because of all mineral oil) but turns into light weight oil and quickly remove the makeup with gentle massage. It is amazing how quickly it not only removed regular makeup but also water proof. You can safely use it for eye makeup and it will not irritate your eyes. With a gentle rubbing you will get rid if any mascara. As this balm have all natural ingredients unlike Banila co zero it clean which have added fragrance and mineral oil which are not suitable for skin in long term, this balm is suitable to sensitive skin and while you are not rubbing it vigorously you will not be left red or irritating skin.

This balm leaves the skin super soft and doesn't make it dry or oily hence can be used for all skin types. The natural ingredients leave your skin clean and glowing. My favorite way to use it is in double cleansing where you will first remove the makeup with this balm then wipe it clean with makeup eraser towel and follow it up with foam cleanser.

In Favor
  • Beautiful packaging with added spatula
  • Thick consistency is easy to use
  • Non sticky formula
  • Turns into light weight oil
  • Quickly remove all makeup including waterproof
  • Doesn't make skin dry or oily
  • For all skin types including sensitive
  • Leaves the skin clean, smooth and glowing
Not in favor
  • You don't like herbal scent
  • You think it is pricey
My Rating
Heimish All Clean Balm Cleanser is priced different on different size and currently available for $17.6 on yesstyle.com
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