Best Sigma Makeup, Brushes and Cleansing Products

Oct 19, 2017 - Zubaida -
Best Sigma Makeup, Brushes and Cleansing Products
Sigma Beauty is one brand which comes up with innovative makeup, brushes and cleansing products every season. I have tried and reviewed many Sigma products over few years and many of them are my absolutely favorite. As they come up with many sweet deals which are hard to resist, i have decided to share my most favorite and most used Sigma products from my collection.

Best Sigma brushes and makeup for eyesBest Sigma brushes and makeup for eyes

There is no question that the brushes from Sigma are one of the best and the high end quality which they offer with 2 year warranty is something every makeup lover would like to have. I have shared before about which 6 brushes you absolutely need for eye makeup. They include E40 tapered blending, E25 blending, E55 eye shading, E20 short shader , E30 Pencil and E65 small angle. These brushes are perfect for light to intense eyeshadow application for every day and special events.

The brow grooming is something which cannot be ignored for flawless face makeup. Since i have got Sigma eyebrow expert kit, i have stopped grooming them from salons. Their tweezers and scissors are working as good as i received them few years ago. The eye brow duo powder and bring to light highlighter duo is perfect for medium to dark hairs. we have used them religiously and apart from few scratches on packaging the product is perfect to date. The E75 angled brow brush and E80 brow and lash spoolie brush is perfect with these products. You can buy expert brow kit or go for individual products.

For eye makeup Sigma beauty offers eyeshadow palette or individual. There stunning palettes include Brilliant and spellbinding, Warm Neutrals, and Nightlife by Camila coelho. I like Nightlife by Camila Coelho palette most as it contains shades for neutral look, vibrant and for smokey eyes. All the shades have intense pigmentation with almost no fallout. The packaging is travel friendly with handy mirror. Apart from that Sigma eye liner in wicked is the best eyeliner i have tried so far. The consistency is same as day one with intense pigmentation and smooth texture. If you are looking for really good gel eye liner then Sigma standout eyes gel liner in wicked is your answer.

Best Sigma brushes and makeup for faceBest Sigma brushes and makeup for face

For face the best Sigma brushes which are quite famous and i love, include F40 Large angled contour brush for perfect contour and blush application. F35 Tapered highlighter brush is one you need for powder or liquid highlighter. F80 flat kabuki is quite famous for flawless foundation application. Their latest dimensional brushes have amazed me with their performance and i love using them for foundation, concealer and powder application. The 4DHD Kabuki is perfect for concealer application while F87 Edge Kabuki is one of the best brush to apply setting powder under eyes and other areas. For face makeup i absolutely love After glow nightlife liquid highlighter by Camila Coelho while Sigma Aura powders are great as soft blush or overall bronzers.

Best Sigma brush cleansing productsBest Sigma brush cleansing products

Sigma beauty is one brand which takes brush cleansing very seriously. As they produced high class brushes, they know how to keep them clean and protected. They have introduced many Spa gadgets for brush cleansing including cleansing glove, cleansing mats and dry n shape gadgets. You can get one suitable for your need but if you need a starter the Sigma Dry n Shape spa gadget is one you need which not only help cleaning your brushes but can dry and shape them. For washing Sigma have introduced Sigmagic brushampoo. SigMagic BruShampoo is mild brush cleanser which without damaging bristles clean your brushes and need only little product.

What are your favorite Sigma products and what would you want to buy during their amazing deals?
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