Stageline H-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Black - Review and Swatches

Nov 19, 2016 - Abida -
Stageline H-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Black - Review and Swatches
Stageline Professional has an extensive range of professional makeup which is around the market for many decades. Their vast range of makeup including face, eyes and lips are mainly characterized by their long-lasting wear that can withstand even the most difficult conditions (heat, sweat, rubbing, etc.). Today i am going to share my thoughts on Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner in Black which i have been trying for few weeks. So let explore this eyeliner in depth.
Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner in  BlackProduct description
Its formula achieves the precision of a liquid liner and a silky smooth finish. Long lasting and waterproof. While it is damp it can fade, drying remains fixed.
Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner in BlackStageline H-Fix Eyeliner in Black
Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner in Black Swatches
My Thoughts
Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner comes in heavy bottom glass jar with black screw cap. The formula of the eye liner is soft creamy which is very easy to work with and after trying it for few weeks the texture is still same as it was at first. The smooth texture glides softly without tugging and is ideal to draw thin to think line easily.

The formula doesn't dry quickly so it gives enough time to work with and at the same time you do not have to dip brush in container multiple times. The pigmentation is quite intense and black so the little amount is enough to draw the decent line. It takes few minutes to dry into semi matte finish but surprisingly it is very long lasting. It is smudge and budge proof and lasts almost whole day without fading. I love the fact that it doesn't give complete matte finish and gives silky smooth finish as it claims while keeping its long lasting feature. I have loved my Maybelline Eye Studio Drama Gel eyeliner but it certainly is really good replacement and is less priced and for the nice finish i like it more then Maybelline one.

While it is mentioned that it is water proof but still is easily removable with any good remover. However i prefer the oil based remover for eye makeup as it not only removes makeup efficiently but also keep eye area healthy and non drying.

In Favor
  • Smooth creamy texture
  • Dries into semi matte finish
  • Intense black color
  • Very long lasting
  • Doesn't smudge easily
  • Good packaging
Not in Favor
  • Not available easily
My Rating
Stageline H-Fix Eyeliner in Black is priced PKR995
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