Time to Gear up for Black Friday Deals

It is again the time of year when you will get a lot of discounts and deals on tons of fashion, cosmetics, household and other things. While there will be some other events for such offers but the biggest one will be Sales of Black Friday. If you don't know much about this sale day you should know a little history of Black Friday. This day represent the highest purchase due to following Thanksgiving day and followed by weekend. Hence people tend to buy a lot for Christmas on consecutive days and most retailers offer promotions for buyers. Read more >>

Collectible Dolls Collection by Ashton Drake Galleries Review

I am sure almost every one must have one remembrance of their childhood toy which they cherish. Playing with dolls bring a child sense of caring and sharing. Dolls are particularly got attached to girl babies because most of them, like barbies, are used as fancy dress ups, makeovers and toy house playing but a real child like doll can be a good companion to both boys and girls. Searching such dolls for child can be hectic in which case online stores are perfect place to buy them. Ashton Drake Galleries is one place where you can find real child like dolls with a lot of varieties. Read more >>

6 Beauty Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel

There is nothing more satiating than traveling as it offers the incredible experience. But traveling wreaks havoc on your beauty regime as it leaves the skin dehydrated or dry or oily and what adds to the problem is the packing restrictions on a number of beauty products. Read more >>

Things Need to be Considered When Buying Power Banks

Nowadays every one is so far fallen in digital world that they cannot imagine living without their gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc. The continuous usage lead to low battery and when suddenly you get ordered to charge the phone, it can be problem if you are in middle of some where or have power shutdown. So to save yourself from emotional break down of not using your gadget, you can get yourself power banks. If you are not familiar to the term, Power bank is portable charging device for your gadgets through USB port. Read more >>

Most Common Winter Clothing Essentials

With more then six months of lawn craze for summers, we are finally ready to welcome winter with warm clothes. Considering our winters have no extreme cold weather, winter clothes in Pakistan can be more stylish and off course little warm. Hoodies, pullovers, shrugs are all this season's craze and today i am going to share few common options which you can pick and make your winters stylish and comfortable. Read more >>

Wedding and Bridesmade Dresses by AlessMode

Summer is the perfect time for weddings where you can wear the beautiful dresses without worrying about catching cold or have to choose the indoor venue. If your big day is coming close and you still couldn't pick the dress then there is nothing better then to pick form online store where you will find wide range of dresses with different cuts, designs and materials. AlessMode is one such place where you can get a dress of your dream and make your day special. Read more >>

Pakistani Bridal Shopping List

Wedding season is on its prime in Pakistani and this season will stay for one or two months more. Our luxury shining wedding traditions demand to have unique dresses and accessories which make people look at you with admiration. At the same time these all dresses and accessories are probably going to stay in bags for rest of the days after events are finished. So it is better to select reasonable things which are light on budget but still manage to make your day like you have dreamed. If you are working on your bridal shopping list, i have few suggestions to make which not only are of latest trend but will not make hole in your purse. Read more >>