Jugnu's Salon: A Renowned Salon Now in Faisalabad

Jul 29, 2021 - Zubaida -
Jugnu's Salon: A Renowned Salon Now in Faisalabad
Ever since the pandemic has fallen upon us, life has become quite slow-paced with no big events and no rush. The first year has been spent by fear of getting out and interacting with others but now that vaccine has been introduced and the wise are getting vaccinated, life is somehow coming back on track. As of now you can go out, have gatherings and treat yourself to good beauty care services but mind it, choose the place wisely where they have high standards of hygiene and follow sops. One such place is a renowned salon called Jugnu's salon which has opened its branch in Faisalabad.
Makeup skills of Jugnu's SalonJugnu's Salon Makeup Skills
Jugnu's Salon Makeup models
They are not just another round the corner salon but are experienced and have built their name for many years. It is not easy to run the salons in such difficult times but they have accepted the challenge and kept their work to top quality with the best prices while keeping the client's safety in mind. When you want to relax and need some good beauty care services, the first thing you need is a nice comfortable place with friendly service providers who not only understand your needs but also make you comfortable in their zone. Jugnu's salon has a well-trained team to cater to all your needs in a timely manner and efficiently.

Services of Jugnu's Salon
The services they are providing includes all sort of makeup, hairstyles, hair cuts, hair extensions, manicure/pedicure, facial treatments, waxing, tanning. Apart from these basic services, they are also providing the latest ones that are trending and you might be looking for a good place to treat yourself like microblading, acrylic nails, and laser hair removal. For these services, they have a properly trained team, so you can have the best experience in the town.
Bridal makeup of Jugnu's SalonBridal makeup by Jugnu's Salon
Bridal makeup by Jugnu's Salon
As much as body and beauty care is important, the importance of special event makeup and hairs leave everything behind. Whether it is your big day or your loved ones, or simply you want to attend any formal event, getting ready from a good salon from professionals can make big difference and you can stand out in the crowd. They have their amazing bridal signature makeup for mehndi, barat, and walima where you can have a great experience and will be treated like a special guest and not the one standing in line. Makeup along statement hairstyle is quite in your budget as well and will not break your bank. You can see a few of their amazing work in top pictures where the makeup is up to the latest standards and will make you look special for any event.

All in all, I will highly recommend visiting Jugnu's Salon for yourself to get pampered and have an amazing experience which will obviously pull you there again and again. You can also see their amazing work and contact on their Instagram page.

Complete Address: P-54/A2 Kohinoor City Commercial, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Mobile: 0317-3331671
Landline: 041-8543000
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