Benefits and Uses of Neem Oil

Jun 25, 2017 - Zubaida -
Benefits and Uses of Neem Oil
Neem for its amazing benefits have been used in Asia for cures and healing for very long time. All parts of neem tree are extremely beneficial and used for different purposes. This oil have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties and is widely used for infections, bug bites, eczema, breakouts, hair growth and many more. Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of neem fruit. The oil have dark brown color with bitter smell and taste.

The most famous fact of this oil is its amazing benefits for hair problems and growth. Using it regularly with combination of coconut or olive oil in hairs can get you strong and healthy hairs and if you face itching scalp because of dryness or excessive oil this formula will get you rid of this issue. Even though it is not essential oil but still in highly concentrated form should be avoided to use directly as it can cause irritation.

Neem oil is also recognized as a cure for acne. Being anti bacterial it help rid of bacteria which causes break out and keep the extra oil at bay. It soothes the inflammation, eczema and itching skin while the antiseptic property of this oil help with infection and help in quick healing. Using in cleansers and face washes neem can help you get rid of impurities and excessive oil. This oil is also enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E which help with aging skin and wrinkles. It is not only useful for oily skin but is equally good for dryness because of fatty acids and Vitamin E oil.

This oil is most effective in summers when you get heat rashes or other fungal problems. Taking bath with few drops of this oil will sooth the heating skin and get rid you of rashes. Applying of fungus effected toes can be cured with this oil using in combination with carrier oil and peppermint oil. It is also very effective for teeth and gums and can make very good natural mouth wash.

Benefits of Neem oil
  • Remove dandruff and cure dry scalp
  • For healthy and strong hairs
  • Cure acne, breakouts, inflammation
  • Help with dryness, eczema, bug bites
  • Help with infections and healing
  • For wrinkles and aging signs
  • Bug repellent
  • Clean environment
Uses of Neem oil
  • Mix in carrier oils like coconut and olive for hair and scalp massage
  • To use as cleanser mix in coconut oil for oil cleansing method
  • Apply directly on break out and acne
  • Mix in oil for dryness and eczema
  • Use directly on infections, fungal issues
  • Use in bathe water to get rid of heat rashes
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