Favorite Lip Balms Vaseline, EOS, Maybelline and Labello - Short Reviews

Jun 06, 2015 - Zubaida -
Favorite Lip Balms Vaseline, EOS, Maybelline and Labello - Short Reviews
I always look for new lip balms whenever i got the chance. I have collected some lip balms and currently four of them are my most favorites which i use mostly. In today's post i thought to share my most loved lip balms nowadays and their short reviews which are EOS Pomegranate raspberry, Vaseline lip care, Labello Raspberry Rose and Maybelline Electro in Oh Orange.
EOS in Pomegranate Raspberry - Review

EOS in Pomegranate Raspberry

My Thoughts
The packaging is lovely sphere which is very smooth. As it is Pomegranate Raspberry the packaging has beautiful color of dark pinkish red. It closes perfectly and have flat bottom which can easily be placed any where. The lip balm is hard enough to not melt easily but as soon as you put it on your lips it applies perfectly without any effort. So it is not messy at all. It comes in many flavors and the flavor i got has very sweet fruity smell and very light taste. It is very moisturizing and is really long lasting.

Overall this lip balm is perfect for daily use, it is moisturizing, non sticky and biggest plus it is organic with natural products.
Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture - Review

Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture

My Thoughts
Vaseline is no new name when it comes to moisturizers. I used to apply Vaseline jelly on my lips for very long time at night because of its great moisturizing. This lip care comes in soft tube with round applicator with very small hole in it and have blue round cap. The texture of this lip balm is similar to Vaseline jelly but have very nice smell. I love to use it when i got very dry or chapped lips as it instantly repair them and moisturize very well. Because of its healing power i love to use it in night to get my lips well moisturized.
Maybelline Baby Lips in Electro - Review

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro

My Thoughts
It is not the most hydrating balm ever but i love this oh orange so much for its very pretty shade and a little orange feel and smell. When i need a little tint on my lips this is the best solution i have. As it is not long lasting but i don't mind applying it again and again if needed. It is hydrating and provides a very nice color to lips with lovely sweet orange smell. I like the electro ones more then the original because of their pretty neon shades and i instantly bought new one when i finished it.
Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose - Review

Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

My Thoughts
This lip balm provides great hydration which is long lasting as well. Apart from hard time opening the lid it i really love using it more often. As it leaves milky tint on lips i prefer to use it home and not out doors but it is perfect to use with matte lipsticks. You can read my detail review here.

Do you like to collect lip balms? What are your current favorites?
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