5 Changes to Make in Winters for Glowing Skin

Nov 14, 2021 - Zubaida -
5 Changes to Make in Winters for Glowing Skin
During winters skin becomes dry and needs more hydration layers like your wardrobe. At this time you might want to consider the 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine but it all depends on your skin. If your skin is absorbing the products, you can apply more but if you are satisfied with less then that is good for you. More hydrating products doesn't mean that you include more silicon or more oily products. Instead look for serums and toners which penetrate deeper layers of skin and keep it plump, healthy and glowing. At the same time stay away from harsh ingredients in cleansers, toners and other products which might be suitable in summers but can be unforgiving in winters.

Here are 5 basic changes you can make for winters to keep your skin healthy, glowing and hydrated.

1. Cleansing
You should know the basics of cleansing and what type of product suits you. However it is better to avoid foaming cleansers or face wash in winters which will give you a squeaky clean feeling and feel good in summers when you sweat more but in winters, it will make your skin dry. It is better to switch to mild cleansers or the best is milk/cream cleansers, which even have options for oily skin as well. For Makeup removing use cleansing balms and my favorite cleansing balm is Banila Co Clean it zero cleansing balm.

2. Toners
In winters, to remove dry and dead skin, keep using exfoliants better than the liquid exfoliants. They will keep your skin new, fresh and let it absorb all the products, you are going to apply afterwards. Acidic toners are your best option. They will not only exfoliate your skin but also keep it balanced. After using any AHA or BHA toner follow up with hydrating toner with glycerin or hyaluronic acid or both for that plump and healthy-looking skin. Find out 7 best toners and moisturizers for glass skin here

3.Facial Oils
If you have stayed away from facial oils during summers, now is the time to include one in your routine. after using toners, applying few drops of oils can make a great difference. Do not over use the oils which feels slippery, just use enough product which easily absorb in your skin. Choose the oil which is suitable for your skin type and apply before moisturizer. You can even DIY facial oil for your skin type.

4. Masks
Do not skip your mask ritual but switch to hydrating masks then clay masks. You can use more sheet masks with ingredients which are moisturizing and soothing instead of ones which strip your skin of oils. You can DIY sheet masks which are budget friendly and are easy to make. Peel off masks are also great options which not only keep the skin soft but also remove dead skin along with some white and black heads. Also include sleeping masks for extra nourishment and smooth skin.

5. Mists and Sprays
Mists or sprays are not only for summers which can have ingredients to keep your makeup last longer. With right hydrating ingredients, they can be your best friend in winters. You can even make your own with adding little glycerin in water and spray on face as needed. It will instantly hydrate your skin and protect it form being patchy or dull. You can even use it after makeup.

Apart from these changes in beauty routine, you also needs to add few things in your diet. In winters the formula of drinking more water is very hard to apply as you will be running to pee most of the time but still it is important. Along with intake of fluids, try to add omega 3 which help your skin internally. Fish oil is the best option but you can also take flax seeds for vegan option.

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