Dermastamp: An Effective Way to Solve Skin Problems

Feb 12, 2022 - Zubaida -
Dermastamp: An Effective Way to Solve Skin Problems
A few years ago, it was unbelievable to treat your own skin at home with microneedles and you had to get professional help for removing scars, wrinkles, spots, or any other skin-related issues. But as the world is evolving the beauty industry has evolved tremendously and now you can get tools to treat your skin at home. Though it is still better to get all information related to your skin issue and tool in depth before trying anything new. Dermastamp is one such tool which with hundred plus needles can not only improve your skin tone but with regular use can lighten scars, age spots, fade wrinkles cellulite, etc

What exactly is Dermastamp?
Dermastamp is like a stamp with a long handle and stamp face with many micro-needles. treatment using very fine needles. Derma stamp can puncture more than 250,000 micro vessels on the epidermal surface of the skin within five minutes, forming an efficient nutrient delivery system and increasing serum absorption and production of collagen and elasticity by as much as 1,000 percent with no noticeable damage to the skin after treatment. It basically breaks down old scar tissue and stimulates skin cells. With cell multiplication, new tissue layers of collagen fibers are formed which not only improve blood supply but also reduce scars and spots with a noticeable difference in wrinkles.

Following are the main issues you can use dermastamp for

1. Scar including acne scars and treatment.
2. Stretch marks
3. Anti-aging
4. Anti-wrinkle
5. Cellulite treatment
6. Hair loss treatment or hair restoration
7. Hyper-pigmentation
Dermastamp needle depth

Depending on your choice of tool, you can get different sizes of needles. It is better to have a thorough understanding of which needle depth is best for your skin. Many stamps have multiple options which you can select to treat different areas and problems with one stamp which makes the dermastamp a better choice than the dermaroller. Also, dermastamp provides the same punctures to the whole area at a time but with dermaroller, the skin is pierced differently and maybe it is not as effective as dermastamp.
Dermastamp Vs Dermaroller

Using this tool on regular basis will definitely provide results and regularly doesn't mean that you have to use it every day, it is best to do it once a week or according to your skin healing process. Always sterilize the tool with alcohol before and after each use to protect it from bacteria. Before using apply any suitable lotion or moisturizer to soften the skin and after use apply soothing lotion or aloe vera gel to calm any inflammation.

The afterward inflammation is short-lived and will fade after a few hours. Apply hyaluronic acid-based lotions or serum to keep the skin hydrated and to help in healing tissues and don't forget to apply sunblock to protect your skin from the sun or other harsh weather and environment. The right use will never damage or harm your skin, apart from needle stinging during the process and little burning afterward. If you see any damage or feel severe pain, it means, you are not using the tool the right way, so be very careful about using it at home.

The right use will enhance your complexion along with slowly solve your skin problems. Make sure to keep your skin and tool clean while using and after. Never press too hard and have thorough knowledge about the pressure points for different issues. I really like this tool and recommend it, if you don't want to visit professional centers and need to remove scars and other imperfections.
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