Sigma Beauty Face and Eye Brush Set Nightlife by Camila Coelho - Review

May 09, 2016 - Zubaida -
Sigma Beauty Face and Eye Brush Set Nightlife by Camila Coelho - Review
I have described my love for Sigma eye makeup brushes in post on 6 must have Sigma eye makeup brushes before and i still love every bit of them. They helped me make my makeup look more perfect. Apart from that i had only tried one face brush from Sigma which was their 3DHD Kabuki Face Brush and because of its amazing performance i wanted to try more of them. Sigma Beauty Nightlife Brush Set have almost all essential brushes you need to perfect your makeup which was part of Sigma Nightlife collection created in collaboration with renowned YouTube blogger Camila Coelho and today i am going to share which brushes this set have and how amazing they are.
Sigma Beauty Nightlife Face and Eye Brush SetSigma Beauty Face and Eye Brush Set Nightlife by Camila Coelho​
Sigma Beauuty F40 - Large Angled Contour:F40 - Large Angled Contour - $22
Sigma Beauty F35 - Tapered HighlighterF35 - Tapered Highlighter - $24
Sigma Beauty E15 - Flat Definer E15 - Flat Definer - $14
Sigma Beauty E25 Blending and E55 Shading brush
My Thoughts
This set of 5 brushes comes in black color sparkling rough surface cardboard box which is very beautiful. The usual brushes of Sigma have black handle but this edition comes with black sparkling handles. This set contains the essential full size brushes, 2 for face and 3 for eyes.

I had E25 and E55 already and have praised them so many times. They are most important brushes for your eye makeup. E25 help you to blend the eye shadow on crease and lid giving a smooth buffed look on eyes while E55 is to pat or place the eye shadow on lid which you want to show with more intensity.

It was my first experience with any eyeliner brush from Sigma and i am glad i got to try the E15, a flat definer. It has a wide flat surface with soft bristles which is perfect for thin lines across the lash lines, upper or lower. Apart from using this brush for eye liners i really love to use it for applying dark eye shadows on lower lash lines for more trendy look.

F40 Large angled contour brush is some thing you must have if you love subtle contouring. The angled shape with extremely soft bristles of this brush gives you perfect hold on your powder contour or blushes. The shape helps you to apply the powder more smoothly on lower cheek contours while F35 Tapered highlighter is perfect for upper contours of face. F35 is densely packed tapered brush with soft bristles. It is for applying subtle highlighter which looks more natural for day to night look.

Overall i loved using these brushes and it definitely filled the gap of brushes i was missing before and the biggest point is these brushes are from their latest SigmaTech™ line which have advanced synthetic fibers to substitute and outperform animal hairs.

Sigma Beauty Nightlife Face and Eye Brush Set is now dicontinued but you can buy individual brushes.
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