Best Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan

The usage of perfumes are recorded from ancient civilizations but do you know the Arabs contributed to perfect the extraction of fragrances through steam distillation and introducing new raw materials which greatly influenced Western perfumery and scientific developments. There was one time when the uses of perfumes ended around middle east but Arabs preserved it and with the rise of Islam they improved the production and used it in their daily life. Being traders they had wide access to many flowers, precious woods and herbs used in perfumery. Rose and jasmine were native to the region, and many other plants like bitter orange and other citrus trees were imported from China and southeast Asia successfully cultivated in the Middle East, and to this day are key ingredients in perfumery. Read more >>

Best Cleansing Milk - Pond’s White Beauty VS Nivea Indulging - Review and Comparison

Cleansing milk are one of the most reliable product when it comes to deep cleaning especially for dry skin. There are a lot of cleansing milk available in market but Pond’s White Beauty and NIVEA VISAGE are ones which are most talked and used by almost all skin. I have tried some others in past but none of them was satisfying. Today i am going to review and compare these both so you can get the idea which one is best one. Read more >>

Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Balm Stain in See If I Carrot - Review and Swatches

Lip balm stains are some thing really amazing for dry lips. I had really good experience with them before. They moisturize and leave an amazing long lasting stain on lips. Our first experience of this type of product was with Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain which was really good and i wanted to try some more brands to see how they will turn out. Today i am going to review Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Balm Stain in shade See If I Carrot which is one of my most favorite shade. Read more >>

Sigma Liquid Highlighter Afterglow Nightlife by Camila Coelho - Review and Swatches

Sigma introduced some really amazing makeup last year for the first time and the one product which i was most excited to try was their liquid highlighter in afterglow from Nightlife collection by Camila Coelho. This type of highlighters are very much in trend now a days for strobing or highlighting. I particularly like this type of highlighter because they last longer then powder highlighters and do not enhance pores on skin. Lets talk in detail about Sigma Liquid Highlighter Afterglow. Read more >>

Xilix and SOC Animal Sheet Masks from Skin18 - Review

Today i am here with another sheet masks review by Skin18, an online store for Korean beauty products. They sent me a whole lot of Sheet masks few weeks ago and i have reviewed 6 Four Season sheet masks from them before. These masks have become an important part of my and my sisters beauty regime because of their instant results and a lot of benefits. Today's post contain 5 fun animal shape masks by Xilix and SOC about which we were more excited. Lets dig into theses masks in detail. Read more >>

Hollywood Style Extreme Dry Skin Toner - Review

Today i am going to share my thoughts about Hollywood Style Extreme Dry Skin Toner. As strange the name of brand sounds, it is quite amazing. I had been introduced to this brand some years ago and i really loved their face polish but since then i did not try any thing else from it. Recently when i spotted their toner range which have 10 types for different skin and problems, their extreme dry skin toner intrigued me. Having very dry skin and being not able to use oil based moisturizers in this scorching heat, i needed some thing which works for both these issues. So lets see how it turned out for me. Read more >>

Latest Jewellery Sets Designs 2016 Catalogue

Jewellery has always been an attraction for women even for the ones who do not like to makeup and style much but a piece of delicate accessory can make happy any one. Depending on the occasion you can go for light to heavy jewellery pieces but you do not even need an occasion to wear a simple rhinestone ring, crystal pendent or lovely small ear studs. Just browse the Jewellery Online and pick any thing you want on very reasonable price and mostly with free home delivery. Let me introduce you to some amazing jewellery options. Read more >>