5 Best Tricks for Keeping Your Skin Healthy in Winter

Nov 13, 2018 - Guest -
5 Best Tricks for Keeping Your Skin Healthy in Winter
The weather outside alters the very composition of your skin, science proves this. Therefore, if you want to stay beautiful in winter, you’ll need to alter your skincare routine somewhat. During this season, your skin suffers from cold, dryness, artificial heat, and humidity. Moisturizing, nourishing, and making a few simple lifestyle changes will help you keep the healthy glow and smoothness of your face.

How to Keep Skin Healthy in Winter: 5 Tips Everyone Should Use

Avoid hot water
It might seem counter intuitive, but it’s very important to avoid hot water during the cold months. This includes hot baths and showers. Exposure to hot water will make your skin more dry. As dryness is one of the biggest beauty issues that appear during winter, you should do your best to reduce the strain on your skin.
Note that dryness is such a big issue mainly because of the heating. This means that you should keep the room temperature at a bearable minimum. It’s best for your skin to wear a warmer sweater than to up the thermostat. You should also consider getting a humidifier to improve your environment.

Nourish your skin with vitamins
The connection between skin health and diet is well-known and documented by studies. It’s because of this that your complexion can improve during the summer when there are more fresh fruits and veggies in your diet.

You can get the same positive effect during winter by using homemade beauty remedies that will nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals directly. Consider looking into natural beauty tips for glowing skin. Recipes of homemade treatments are extremely versatile. During the winter months, you should use deeply moisturizing and nourishing options. And don’t forget that you can always enhance the effects of topical beauty products with a healthy diet.

Moisturize more often
Forget about the rule where you should moisturize your skin twice a day. If you have an opportunity, you need to do this more often in winter. This is most important for those who spend a lot of time indoors.

However, be sure to apply any cream or serum no less than 15-30 minutes before going outside in the cold. And apply a specialized moisturizing protective cream prior to leaving the building. There is no such thing as too much protection for the skin in winter.

Switch to a milder cleanser
Due to dry air and exposure to extreme temperature changes, your skin becomes much more sensitive in winter. That’s why you should always use the mildest cleanser that fits your skin type. Note that it might be different to a product you use during the warmer seasons as your skin will change a little because of the weather.

Use water-based cleansers and avoid any product that comes in bars. Those contain chemicals that make them keep the solid shape. Those ingredients dry out your skin further.

Give your skin some physical protection
No matter how good your winter protective creams are, they aren’t perfect. You can significantly boost their effects and ensure your skin stays beautiful and glowing if you add a physical barrier to the mix.
This means that wearing scarves and gloves is a must during the cold season. Depending on the weather, you should also consider donning a ski mask. It will be most useful on windy days.

To keep your skin healthy in winter, you need to protect it from the harsh environment. Focus on giving it a bit more of both nourishment and care.
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