Can You Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

Do you have cellulite? You are not the only one. In fact, about 98% of women of various ages have cellulite to some degree. Basically, cellulite is a normal fat buildup, and it’s not because of a fluid or toxin buildup. You can also have it regardless of your weight. It occurs when fatty tissue under your skin pokes out of its container, which is fibrous connective tissue—think of stuffing poking out of your pillow. It’s further compounded by thinning skin that affects the dermis. Read more >>

Spot A Fake Antique Watch In 3 Steps

Have you ever been scammed or defrauded before? Such an experience can make you feel really bad about yourself, notwithstanding all the hard-earned money that went to waste. So it is not a surprise that many are becoming more vigilant and are looking for ways to safeguard themselves against a second time, especially when buying expensive items like an antique watch. Read more >>

Lawn Collection 2019

Finally after long winters with lot of snow and rain, we are ready to step into summer season which as season might not be our favorite but we like it for lawn collection. We love new prints, cuts, designs and obviously the bright color options. Every female is looking for options which are budget friendly while having good quality. Let me tell you about Lawn Collection 2019. Read more >>

Some By Mi - AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream - Review

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful glowing and clean skin and Korean's have one of the most better skin in the world. Their secret is not a big secret now as their intense beauty routine called 10 step Korean skin care routine is out there and people around the world is trying to follow it. I my self love using their products in my beauty routine which can be some time based on whole routine and some time i try to incorporate a few. The main reason for my love of Korean beauty products are that they are very light weight and focuses on maintaining the skin moisture. Read more >>

Sigma Dimensional Precision Brushes 4DHD and P87 Edge - Review

Sigma is one brand which comes with unique ideas and bring forward versatile makeup brushes very often. Their dimensional brushes which they introduced last year were amazing addition where 3DHD Max kabuki and F83 Curved kabuki are perfect for applying foundation and contouring products while 4DHD kabuki and F87 Edge kabuki are best brushes to apply setting powder and blending concealer. These both brushes are large ones for face so for more precise concealing and blending, Sigma introduced their smaller version which i am going to review today. Read more >>

Dermacos Facial and Manicure Kit - Review

On my readers request i am sharing more of local makeup and beauty products on my blog and adding to this list today i am going to review the most famous local beauty products by Dermacos which are widely used by beauty parlors for different type of facial treatments. I decided to pick some products to incorporate in my beauty routine to decide if these products are really good or not. The first thing i noticed about this brand is that it includes wide range of products and you can either pick them separately or choose any kit for particular issue. Read more >>

ColourPop Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, Review and Swatches

In the season of sales i have picked a lot of products from ColourPop and have been using them a lot. However because of my busy schedule the reviews are coming little late. I have reviewed the one palette called Perception and today i am going to share my thoughts on one beautiful palette called Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Shadow Palette. Read more >>