Why Face Oil Should Be Part of Skincare Routine?

Jul 16, 2020 - Guest -
Why Face Oil Should Be Part of Skincare Routine?
The use of oils as cosmetics doesn't make much sense. How to use these products if you want to get rid of excess sebum? If you have problematic skin with acne, you might think these products shouldn't be part of your skincare routine. These are common prejudices when it comes to using oils in the beauty industry. These facial care products treat all skin problems. These cosmetics have many benefits that help facial skin maintain youthfulness and freshness. Today's formulas are very advanced and adapted to everyday use. It is only relevant to choose the right product for your skin type because not all face oils are the same. Find out more at this link.

Providing Optimal Skin Hydration
Unlike the rest of the body, your face is always exposed to external impacts. Sun, wind, various pollutants, and heat can have a detrimental effect on a facial epidermis. Besides micro-damage, these factors can dry out the cuticle and make it flaky and prone to irritation.

In this case, your skin needs both rehydration and protection from external factors. Experts recommend flaxseed or coconut oil, which you will apply directly to dry areas - cheeks, cheekbones, and forehead. If you have dry skin, sesame oil rich in healthy fatty acids and vitamins that nourish and hydrate the epidermis will help.

These products also have lipophilic properties. It means that they penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis, from where they expel toxins. At the same time, they protect the natural moisture in the cells. That helps build a natural protective layer on the surface, which prevents further drying.

Solving Pores and Wrinkles
Solving Pores and Wrinkles

Clogged pores cause most pimple issues. All kinds of bad stuff can get stuck in these tiny holes. Excess sebum, dirt, dust, and various other particles can cause inflammation on the surface. That is how acne and pimples form.

Excess sebum can be easily removed by LXMI face oil. If you have oily skin, 2 to 3 drops of this product after performing a face care routine will do. That will give the final cleansing effect on your face. Make sure to choose the right product for yourself. For application to oily skin, you should opt for lighter oils. Their molecules easily penetrate the skin. Look for tinctures of almonds, argan, and jojoba.

As for wrinkles, they will appear sometime. You can't prevent their formation, but their visibility can be reduced. With the proper face care, you can diminish all those fine lines. Argan and grape-seed-based products are rich in antioxidants and vitamins E and D. These compounds prevent the harmful effects of free radicals and make wrinkles less visible.

Acting Anti-inflammatory
Although this is not their primary purpose, some face oils have anti-inflammatory properties. You can use them to treat subcutaneous infections, rashes, or superficial irritations. All inflammation occurs due to dirt and bacteria that accumulate in the pores. In this case, the use of facial products has a double benefit.

The most used products with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are oils based on chamomile, tea tree, pomegranate, and aloe vera. The latter is especially suitable for use if you have sensitive skin. It has a light texture, and aloe vera is known for its soothing effect.

Tips on enhancing your facial cleaning routine are listed on the source below:

Preparing Face for Makeup
The goal of makeup is to emphasize your beauty, not to hide it. Without a quality foundation, it won't give the full effect. A clean and nourished face is the best primer for applying other beauty cosmetics. If your face has a natural glow, you don't have to suffocate it with too much makeup.

Facial oils can be used as primers. Find the one that suits your skin type, because no product is universally applicable. The application of this product is the last step in facial care. It penetrates the epidermis fast without leaving it greasy. Apply the oil with a gentle finger massage. That will stimulate microcirculation and restore your face's natural freshness.

Proper facial care is essential to keep your skin supple and hydrated. Facial oils are just cherry on top. Minimal amounts of these products can give miraculous effects. Use them daily, and the difference will be noticeable very quickly.
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