Perfect Skincare Steps Regimen on How to Build a Skin Care Routine

Jul 01, 2021 - Guest -
Perfect Skincare Steps Regimen on How to Build a Skin Care Routine
The rise in pollution is a big concern in our country. It is leading to various problems, one such is a skin problem. Having healthy skin is a blessing in today's world but that is not enough. One should take care of their skin. It is not enough to buy expensive skincare products. One must know how to use it to get flawless skin. Everyone is super conscious about their skin these days and hence various brands that are available in the market are generating a lot of business. The best Swiss skincare brands have also got a good amount of market share and highly popular among the people. People should have proper knowledge about their skin before they make a purchase decision.

According to their skin texture and sensitivity, they need to decide which components of the product will be best suited for their skin. After making the purchase decision, it is very much necessary to apply them in the correct order. There is a proper order for applying all these products and that is the rule of thumb, that is to apply in order of the texture from thickest to thinnest. Since, after the thick products, thin products won't be able to penetrate. No matter how is your skin you've to start with a very basic step that is to clean your face with water followed by a toner, then applying other rich ingredients, and lastly sealing the process with a moisturizer. SPF is also required if you're stepping out in the sunlight. Given below are the steps one should follow in order follow a proper skincare routine:

Clean your face – This is the first step one should follow. Clean your face with water gently and you can use your favorite facewash as well. Gently massage your skin with the facewash and put gentle pressure all over your face. Wash your face with clean water and pat dry it with the help of a soft towel or a clean piece of cloth. It is very much necessary to use a foaming and gentle face wash for your skin otherwise it might have adverse effects on your skin. In case you are wearing makeup, one should remove it before washing your face with water and face wash. Micellar water or cleansing Oil can act as a very good makeup remover. Use cotton balls to remove the makeup from your face gently. Then repeat the above-mentioned process.

Applying Toner – This is the second step one should follow after cleansing. Put a few drops of toner on a cotton ball or your palm and gently swipe onto your face. There are several kinds of toner available on the market some are exfoliating and some are hydrating. Exfoliating means are the ones that remove dead skin cells and should only be used at night whereas hydrating ones can be used twice. Do not use both types of toners at the same time.

Apply Serum – Serums are of different kinds some are rich in antioxidants and can be used during the morning time. vitamin C protects your skin from the free radicals that one will encounter during the daytime. At night it is advised to used moisturizing-based serum rich in hyaluronic acid which prevents your skin from drying out. People who are under acne treatment or using anti-aging creams often have dry skin. So, it is advised for them to use moisturize based serum. Sometimes, serums can be exfoliating as well but whatever you used just to make sure that if you are using water-based serum apply it before moisturizer, and if you're using oil-based serum use it after the moisturizer.

Eye Cream – Eyes are a sensitive area and one should take care of them. They are susceptible to wrinkles and aging. Hence, using an eye cream is essential to avoid puffy eyes in the morning as well. You can even apply moisturizer under your eyes but if you're using eye cream you should layer it underneath a moisturizer. Apply it with the help of a metal roller ball applicator.

Use spot treatment – For people having acne problems, they must apply spot treatment acne cream at night.

Apply Moisturizer – This is a very important step as it hydrates your skin and locks all other products that you've applied. It is  advised to use a lighter morning moisturizer with SPF 30 and at night time it is advised to use a thicker night cream.

Applying Sunscreen – This the last step you need to follow. If your moisturizer does not contain SPF, you should apply sun cream before stepping out. Make sure to wait for 20 min after applying sun creams, for it gets activated.

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