Best Eye Makeup Prepping Products For Oily Eyelids

If you are one of those who have oily eyelids and have always been struggling to keep your beautiful eye makeup intact for longer then this post is for you. Having oily eyelids mean that your eye makeup will slide after few hours of application. You will notice that eye shadows become light, eyeliner become patchy, shimmer start falling and the lids looks shiny. Read more >>

Jordana Eye Primer and Eye Base - Review and Swatches

Eye bases and primers were not too important few years ago as you can simply make work with any foundation or powder but since the cut crease trend have become popular, these products got noticed a lot. Even though i still opt for high coverage concealer for cut crease but a good primer or base is must to enhance the shades and make them stand out. Jordana Eye Primer and Eye Base is one of the most budget friendly option which is around for many years. Let me tell you how it can be used and if it is effective or not. Read more >>