Benefit and Uses of Tamanu Oil

Jun 12, 2017 - Anila -
Benefit and Uses of Tamanu Oil
Tamanu oil is very rare and also called the Forgotten Medicinal Miracle for its many benefits for skin including the healing and treating. It is called forgotten because it has been recently rediscovered and is getting famous day by day. It is famous mostly for its treatment of almost all types of skin issues. If you suffer from acne and acne scars, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, toenail fungus, scars, dermatitis and other relate-able issues this oil is your answer.

The thick green color oil can be directly applied to effected area like acne, occasional breakouts and scars. Its antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from bacteria and help in quick healing. As it can help in skin rashes you can use it for ingrown hairs, casual irritation because of dryness. This oil is most helpful for healing scars, burns and stretch marks. With regular use you will notice the fading of such scars.

As this oil is rich in omega fatty acids and promote new cell growth this oil is also used as anti aging product. It fights against the wrinkles and keep the youthful skin for longer. Regular use of this oil can get you flawless skin free form blemishes, scars and acne. You can also mix this oil in other carrier or essential oils to suit your requirements. I have reviewed two blends of Tamanu oil for radiant skin and have loved them. This oil is also very beneficial for arthritic or rheumatism and using it with combination of other healing oils it can give you relief from such pain.

Benefits of Tamanu Oil

  • Suitable for acne and acne scars
  • For skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis
  • For scars and stretch marks
  • Protect from fungus and bacterial infections
  • For dry, irritated skin
  • Anti aging properties
  • Good for arthritic or rheumatism

Usage of Tamanu Oil

  • Directly apply on acne, pimples, scars or other effected area
  • Add in DIY face serums, scrubs and body lotions for skin issues
  • Mix with other carrier or essential oils
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