Mirror Nail Powder, UV Top Coat, Peel Off Liquid Tape and Jewelry from Born Pretty Store

Sep 15, 2016 - Zubaida -
Mirror Nail Powder, UV Top Coat, Peel Off Liquid Tape and Jewelry from Born Pretty Store
Today i am going to share some of my picks from Born Pretty Store and i am really excited to share mirror nail powder particularly as it has been trending for few months and every body is loving it. Apart from that i got some lovely accessories as well. So lets talk about these things in detail.
Choker Neacklace and Daisy Ear StudsHollow Out Woven Elastic Choker and Daisy Studs
Hollow Out Woven Elastic Choker
Hollow Out Woven Elastic Choker - $1.39
The choker has hit the fashion again after really long time. I have worn it long before and when i saw this elastic choker on Born Pretty Store i had to pick it. It seems small, bit large then a bracelet but it is easily stretchable and doesn't hurt the neck once worn or leave any stretching lines. It is flexible and adjust to the thickness of neck. I have been wearing it continuously and the elastic is not loosen after using it for more then a week.
Daisy Ear StudsDaisy Ear Studs - $0.99 The light pink color daisy ear studs with pearl in center are really pretty and are perfect for summers. I really love wearing them with my lawn dresses. The size is not very small or very large and are wearable for every day. for the price the quality of these studs are really good.
Retro Set Drill Rings SetRetro Style Drill Rings Set
 Retro Style Drill Rings Set
Retro Style Drill Rings Set - $2.45
The 6pices ring set is amazing and beautifully made. The sizes are different to wear them as midi rings or as they fit but i find the size was bit smaller for me. The antique style is perfect to wear every day and compliments all the dresses and occasions. The quality is really good and the rhinestones are perfectly attached to the metal alloy.
 Mirror Nail PowderMirror Nail Powder - Silver
Soak Off Gel Top CoatSoak-off Gel Top Coat
Soak Off Gel Top CoatMirror Effect Nail Powder and Gel Top Coat

Mirror Effect Nail Powder and Gel Top Coat - $4.59
This pack includes 1g nail powder and 5ml soak off gel nail top coat. To get the best effect is to apply and rub the powder on gel top coat but as i did not have LED light to dry this top coat, i applied the chrome powder on regular top coat. The effect is not as remarkable as it should have been but i still loved it. After rubbing the powder on dry nails with applicator for a minute, the effect become visible. To secure the effect it is best to apply the top coat on it.
This peel off liquid have 15ml of product in bottle which have white color but dries in transparent. I really loved it, it is easy to apply and once the nail art is done it peels off quickly plus it have lovely smell. Only little amount is required to apply across the nail and you do not need thick coating. I have found another use of this tape. You can apply it on nails and apply any nail color. Once you are done with your event, you can easily peel off any dark stubborn nail color easily.

I hope you like my picks from this amazing store. You can get 10% off on non discount products with code CNVT10
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