Time to Gear up for Black Friday Deals

It is again the time of year when you will get a lot of discounts and deals on tons of fashion, cosmetics, household and other things. While there will be some other events for such offers but the biggest one will be Sales of Black Friday. If you don't know much about this sale day you should know a little history of Black Friday. This day represent the highest purchase due to following Thanksgiving day and followed by weekend. Hence people tend to buy a lot for Christmas on consecutive days and most retailers offer promotions for buyers. Read more >>

Luscious Brow Luxe Tinted Brow Gel in Medium - Review

Today i am going to share the last product from my haul from Luscious during their 30% off offer. It is called Brow Luxe Tinted Brow Gel in shade Medium. I have only tried Essence make me brow gel before as while using brow pomade or wax pencils you don't need brow wax. Essence brow gel is quite good and so far i have no issue with it but only the lack of shade selection. Luscious also do not offer many shades and to match my brows to my light brown hair color i have picked medium shade. Let me tell you in detail about this product. Read more >>

Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask - Review

Today i am going to share my thoughts on one more famous Freeman clay mask called Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask. I have found that clay masks give more visible effects then others and they are best for oily skin and open pores. While L'Oreal clay masks were amazing, they were expensive considering little amount in jars while Freeman masks shows same results in very less price with quantity which lasts for years. So lets see how good this masks turns out for use. Read more >>

Hair Treatment for Soft and Shiny Hairs with L’Oreal - Tips and Review

Do you envy soft and shiny hairs when you have rough or color treated hairs? The one way to achieve these hairs is to treat them from salons which will last for two to three weeks and can be little pricey. However you don't need to go to salons every other month for these treatment. With good products and a right way can help you to get good hairs at home. As i have bleached and colored my hairs and i have to face untamed rough looking hairs which no amount of oiling can get you rid of quickly, i have discovered to do hair treatment at home with few L'Oreal products and i loved the results. Let me tell you in detail about products i use and how to do it properly. Read more >>

Diamond Flat Irons by Brilliance New York

Nowadays every one either want silky straight hairs or need soft curls for every day. It can be quite hectic to select right hair tool for your hairs because you cannot replace an expensive tool every other day. Today i am going to talk about diamond flat irons by Brilliance New York. Brilliance New York uses state-of-the-art diamond technology cradled in a sleek diamond flat iron. This makes Brilliance New York’s flat irons the ultimate tools for the salon or stylist’s kit. They have designed flat irons with an understanding of your need for high quality hair straighteners and stylers. With higher maximum temperatures, ultra-smooth diamond plates and a lifetime warranty, Brilliance New York diamond flat irons are by far the best selection for better results and faster styling. Read more >>

Luscious Lip Couture Matte Melted Lipstick in A La Mode - Review

Today i am going to share one more makeup product from Luscious cosmetics which i bought during their recent sale called Lip Couture Matte Melted Lipstick in shade A La Mode. With every purchase of these lip couture, Luscious also offer a dark purple gown shaped lipstick holder for free. Matte liquid lipsticks are trending and every other brand has included them in their range. I liked the idea of melted lipsticks and was hoping that it would be different then regular matte liquid lipsticks. Read more >>

Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Wood and Glass Diffuser

Aromatherapy is way to create an environment where your mind and body can relax. A few drops of your favorite essential oil or the one to sooth and relax you mind, in diffuser is all you need for this therapy. Diffusers will help essential oils to spread a decent amount of aroma in air which will not be overwhelming. There are many options to buy diffuser and today i will share with you the one by Radha Beauty. Radha Beauty was founded in 2014 by Rebekah Letch and are USDA certified which means thier products are pesticide, chemical and gmo free. Let me tell you more about their aromatherapy wood and glass diffuser. Read more >>