Opting For Cosmetic Surgery To Treat Aging On The Neck

Jan 16, 2019 - Guest -
Opting For Cosmetic Surgery To Treat Aging On The Neck
It may seem like a somewhat gradual process at first, but aging is something that is inevitable, as is curtailable. We live in the era of medical advancement wherein it is easier than ever to look and feel younger than you are. Plastic surgery has come a long way over the past few decades, and today, simple procedures can do a lot to change one's appearance, so that they can turn back the effect of the clock.

The neck is one area in particular that tends to showcase signs of aging a lot faster than other parts of the body. One specific action that people tend to go through the years has neglected the skin on their neck, thereby One of the reasons why the neck tends to showcase signs of aging faster than others is because the neck and the skin around it are often neglected when it comes to personal skin care regimes. People tend to only focus on their face and their limbs, thereby speeding up the process of aging on the neck as compared to other parts of the body. However, signs of aging that appear on the neck are treatable through a few simple cosmetic surgery procedures.

Opting For Cosmetic Surgery

Seeking professional care for your neck is one of the best approaches that one can take towards improving the signs of aging appearing there. While going in for any medical procedure, it is always advised to go in for a clinic or a doctor who is well recognized and respected in the field that they are in. Plastic surgery isn’t only about knowing the best technique, but also being able to understand the aesthetic and its more delicate components. A good plastic surgeon is generally able to exhibit those two qualities in the work that they do with the patients that come to them.
A plastic surgeon is generally the one who can devise a plan of action for the patient that will help them achieve their desired look. A good plastic surgeon knows that no two people are alike, and every customer who comes in, needs individual attention and a personalized plan of action. A plastic surgeon usually is also the one who advises the patient on what procedure options they can go in for, and which ones would fit their needs the best. This enables the patient always to get the very best when they are going to seek any cosmetic surgical treatment.

Plastic Surgery In New York

For those looking for the best plastic surgeon in the city of New York, Dr. Andrew Jacono, MD, FACS is a well-known name that has been offering his services to a large number of people through the years. Having worked for so many years within the field, Dr. Jacono has amassed a brilliant reputation as being a surgeon who can consistently deliver excellent results to the people that go to him. He is well versed with a number of cosmetic procedures.

About Dr. Andrew Jacono

Dr. Andrew Jacono has been working as a plastic surgeon for the past ten years and has showcased an incredible amount of skill when it comes to highly advanced techniques within this field. He aims to be able to transform people’s looks in a manner which makes it seem natural. At his clinic, these surgeries are performed:


A Rhinoplasty is what is typically referred to as a nose job. It is a procedure in which the nose is reconstructed and corrected in a manner in which allows their functions while giving it an overall better aesthetic. A Rhinoplasty can be done either for aesthetic purposes or to restore function in the case of any blockages that may appear in the nasal passages. At Dr. Jacono’s clinic, the Rhinoplasty is one of the most asked for procedures and is something that has attracted patients from all over the world.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Often, people tend to go in for surgeons that aren’t well reputed, which can result in sub-par procedures. A patient must always be satisfied with what they see at the end of the system, and if they don’t, they may have to go in for a second procedure known as revision rhinoplasty. This is a cosmetic procedure wherein the first procedural impact if corrected to achieve the desired result.

Deep Plane Facelift

Seeking cosmetic surgery to help improve the impact of aging on the neck is always the best way to take care of this, which is also when a deep plane facelift comes in as a good procedure to go in for. This facelift works to make the skin around the neck and jawline tighter and works on the deeper tissue layers of the skin to achieve a more natural look. Dr. Andrew Jacono is incredibly proficient when it comes to performing this kind of procedures, and has performed several of them through the course of his career, making him the perfect choice to go in for when it comes to this.

Minimal incision Neck lift

Minimal incision Neck lift is a procedure that is minimally invasive because of the manner in which it is done. In this, only one small incision is made on the neck, thereby enabling it to heal naturally and tighten up. The incursion made is also incredibly small, thus eliminating the need for any stitches on the surface of the skin. This also means that there is very little scarring that takes place as a result of this procedure. Dr. Andrew Jacono is also proficient with this kind of procedure and has worked on several patients in the New York City area, offering them this procedure to help them take care of the aesthetic problems that they have with their neck.  If you’re interested in a neck lift in New York City, please visit his website for more information.
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