Android GSM Smart Watches Review

Jul 14, 2017 - Zubaida -
Android GSM Smart Watches Review
In the era of technology innovative minds are trying hard to create things smaller and smaller to benefit the users. Carrying large smart phones and tablets are catchy and useful but if you are working and have a busy life other then just surfing internet then a small gadget with necessary function is what you need and if you can easily carry it on your wrist what else do you need. Today i am going to talk about Android smart watches which are not only easy to carry but have a lot of functions to get you through the tech world.
Android Smartwatch DZ09Android Smartwatch DZ09 is micro SIM card supported with high sensitive touch screen. Its Bluetooth is compatible to Android smart phones. This watch comes with black rubber band and silver alloy case. Their is also one USB cable included. This watch has basic specifications including mic, 1.3Mega pixels camera, Bluetooth, memory card support, ROM of 128MB, RAM of 64MB and Battery of 380mAh. The tools can be used are calendar, alarm and calculator. The functions of this watch is quite impressive considering its price which includes GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz, Call Record, Phone Book, Hands-free Bluetooth, Phone Call, Sleep, Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Answer Call, Dial Call and more.
Android Smartwatch W08Android Smartwatch W08 is also sim card supported with multi touch panel, G-Sensor support and 1.54" screen TFT HD Pixels 240x240. This watch have black silicon band and stainless steel case which comes with USB cable and user manual. The specification of this watch includes 2Mega pixels camera, 8GB TF card support, Bluetooth, Lithium Battery of 350mAH which have 120 hours standby and 3 hours talk time. It uses the GSM network with bands 850/900/1800/1900 and GPRS data service. The functions of this watch are also amazing which includes Bluetooth dial, calling, phonebook, music, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, voice recorder, alarm, clock, pedometer, sleep monitor, barometer, altimeter and stopwatch.

Overall these Online watches which have almost all basic functions of Android smart watches are worth having and for the price the functions they support are amazing.
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