20 Ideas for Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire

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20 Ideas for Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire
Beach weddings, as a variety of destination weddings, have become so popular in recent years. Over 15 % of couples-to-be-married choose the beaches of Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, as well as big and noisy Las Vegas, and romantic Paris to spend their big day there.

And no wonder, actually! The wedding in an ideal location with the closest family and friends, no restrictions, no boredom – just the complete freedom, romance, and perfection… What else could you ask for?

But remember that the special atmosphere of such weddings requires special attires for the groom, bride, and guests. Let’s find out what are the best ideas for Caribbean beach wedding:

Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire: General Recommendations

As a beach wedding ceremony is a much less formal event than a traditional wedding, it is necessary to take into account the hot climate, moist air, sand, and wind at the location. When choosing the attire, also bear in mind the possibility to be photographed in the water – such shots in the sea waves are especially magnificent.
So, what should we wear? Here are some general recommendations how to choose a wardrobe that fits the occasion:

1. Opt for Lighter Fabrics
The best attire for the Caribbean beach wedding is the one, made of light fabrics – none wants to be sweaty and uncomfortable during the ceremony, right?
For women, chiffon is the leader – it’s airy, super light, and available in all colors and styles imaginable; also, it’s easy to pack and travel with. Another popular option for brides is silk, however, it’s not so salt water-friendly.
For men, opt for natural breathable fabrics – cotton, linen, seersucker.
Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire for Women

2. Experiment with Shoes
Classic shoes, let alone high heels, are probably the worst you can do to yourself when preparing for a beach wedding. Forget it!
Wear shoes that you can effortlessly slip off and on – sandals and flip-flops are the favorites. Also, you can be barefoot if the ceremony is in the morning or in the evening when the sand is not very hot.

3. Complementary Styles
Wanna have some fun? Match the bride’s and groom’s attires in a fun way, adding a common detail to both outfits.
Even if you’re not really into experiments like this, make sure that your styles complement each other, and you don’t look strange together (as if the bride in a sundress with a groom in a tuxedo, or a chick wearing a mermaid gown with a guy in jeans and a tee.
Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire for Women

4. Try Not To Have a Train
It’s so problematic to have a train on a Caribbean beach – sand, wind, water… whoa, whoa, whoa. You’d better pick a dress with a detachable train or without it at all.
But, yep, I can’t help saying that a train looks really wonderful in the beach wedding photos.

5. Purchase a White Cocktail Dress
Are you a risk-taker? Think no more – a white cocktail dress is definitely your cup of tea. Such attire will add some fun, glamour, and creativity to the event.
If you’re not ready to give up a traditional long dress, consider changing into the cocktail dress after cutting of the cake.

6. Caribbean Beach Wedding Hats for Bride
Instead of a veil, try wearing a pretty feminine hat. It protects from the sun and doesn’t bother when the wind blows.
7. Add Some Freedom to Your Hairstyle
Don’t overload your natural romantic image with complicated hairstyles. That is, a simple hairdo and healthy hair will be an ideal option for a beach ceremony.

8. Women’s Linen Suits for Beach Wedding
A Caribbean beach wedding is a perfect opportunity to experiment with the outfit. Are you courageous enough? If yes, women’s linen suits for a beach wedding are the right option to choose.

9. Shoulder Shift Dresses
Romantic and simple. Shoulder shift dresses are meant to emphasize your femininity and brightness.
10. Caribbean Beach Wedding Accessories
Play with accessories – have fun, but don’t go too far!

Try highlighting your attire with pearls, shells, sea jewelry. If you have a knee-length wedding dress, add a thin silver bracelet on your ankle.

As the traditional veil is not so important at the Caribbean wedding, you can wear a diadem, rim, tiara, decorative comb, hairpins, a satin ribbon or live tropical flowers instead.

11. Blouse & Skirt Costume for Beach Wedding
Another unusual combo for a beach wedding – just let your imagination play.
Caribbean Beach Wedding Menswear

As for the groom's outfit, a traditional suit and shoes are also not the solution – it's much better to wear a pair of stylish sandals, long shorts or pants, and a white breathable shirt. In this way, you’ll turn the beach ceremony into a pure pleasure.

12. Open Button-Up Shirts
A light linen or cotton shirt is probably the most popular beach wedding menswear. This ideal beach wedding attire for men allows them to stay comfortable, look great, and feel free to unbutton it or roll up the sleeves.

13. Rolled Up Sleeves & Suspenders
These two details can turn classic into casual, so if you wanna balance between smart and beach-appropriate outfits, suspenders and rolled up sleeves are your thing.

14. Experiment with Hats for Beach Wedding
A hat is a very practical and stylish piece of groom’s attire. When choosing the one, make sure that it matches your outfit and doesn’t prevent from seeing your bride.

15. A Bow Tie for Caribbean Beach Wedding
A bow tie is a little cheerful detail that rocks the whole groom’s image.

16. Tie & Jeans Combo
Wanna be more casual than smart? Opt for a pair of dark jeans, a classic button-up, and a simple tie.

17. Light Gray Suits
If you’re looking for a classic suit that won’t look odd at the Caribbean beach wedding, consider a light grey classic outfit.
Caribbean Wedding Guest Attire

If you’re a surprised guest who has just opened a wedding invitation and found out that the ceremony takes place at the beach, don’t panic.

Actually, you’ve got a much wider choice of outfits comparing with a classic wedding. Just breath out.

18. Bright Colors for Caribbean Wedding Guest Attire
Vivid and eye-catching colors will look great: bright blue, red, purple are ideal for shirts, ties, and dresses. Tropical tones will also work well: lime green, sand, turquoise, terracotta, aquamarine blue, sunflower, fuchsia, and tangerine.
Be creative with the prints too: stripes, flowers, polka dot are all perfect.

19. Linen Shirts for Groomsmen
A light colored button down made of breathable linen – that’s what a perfection is!

20. Fit In the Style of the Wedding
If it’s a formal ceremony, stick to classics with little twists, if it’s non-traditional wedding, forget all restrictions. In case there’s a dress code, make sure you’re gonna fit in wearing your attire.

Written by Nancy Cooper from Breezy Trends
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