Benefits of Mineral Makeup and Why You should Start Using It

Pure mineral makeup allows the skin to function correctly, excrete toxins, and absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Mineral makeup should act like a second skin, as well as provide physical, broad-spectrum protection for the skin. The water-resistant properties of minerals allow women to sweat, exercise and even swim with their makeup staying on throughout the day, provided they don’t rub it off. Read more >>

Tips for Anti Aging Skin Care

An anti-aging skincare routine should focus on three major factors which need to be addressed, you can call them ‘the three Ts’ of skin aging. They are: Read more >>

6 Tips To Simplify Your Beauty And Makeup Routine

There’s nothing wrong with trying to look beautiful for the day and enhancing your face’s best features. However, if you have to do a full-make-up every day, it might take forever until you get your face done, causing you to run late for your appointments. With that being said, you might’ve considered simplifying your beauty and makeup routine but still allowing yourself to look radiant and beautiful. Read more >>

Let Your Makeup Last Longer with the Best Primer

Nowadays, applying makeup before going out is a fairly regular practice. Women now use cosmetics every day and not just on special occasions. Preparing your skin well is the most fundamental step to ensure your makeup lasts longer. Many people skip the priming phase and immediately start applying foundation to their faces. And the end consequence is melted makeup and wrinkled skin. Read more >>

Tips You Can Use When Hunting For A Silver Bracelet

When picking out jewellery to wear to a dinner or cocktail event, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what pieces will suit your outfit. When choosing jewellery for a special occasion, it is important to consider both the look and feel of your outfit. Each piece should accentuate the style of your ensemble, while still maintaining a certain level of elegance and sophistication. Read more >>

Helping Women Look Beautiful: Six Advantages of a Lash Lift

When it comes to helping women look and feel more beautiful, there seems to be no limit to companies that offer products which do just that. If you’ve ever considered purchasing a lash lift kit, just know that there are many reasons why these things are so popular. Read more >>

How to Make Your Damged Hairs Silky and Shiny

With changing weather, the damage it leaves on your hairs needs to be reversed. Specially in summers the sun can effect your hairs very badly and you need to sort them out ASAP. First of all evaluate your hairs and write down the issues they are facing. Are your hairs dry? scalp is Itchy? have damaged ends? While you do need to treat your hairs and rejuvenate them but the scalp is where you should start. Read more >>