Catrice All Matt Plus - Shine Control Powder - Review

The micro fine All Matt Plus - Shine Control Powder turns your skin into a shine-free zone. Its oil-free texture offers a long-lasting matt complexion and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth. With light-reflecting pigments for a fresh and flawless look. Perfectly complements the All Matt Plus – Shine Control Make Up. Read more >>

Stiefel Clinagel Gel for Acne Treatment and Occasional Breakouts - Review

Stiefel is one pharmaceutical brand i have used for very long time. I have loved their sunblock and soaps like Oilatum. Today i am going to share my thoughts on Clinagel gel which is supposed to treat acne. I did not have acne in my early teen age but later i started to get some on my cheeks which i thought will go by it self and do not need any particular treatment but i did keep coming on my cheeks and leaving the spots and i had to do something. I read review of this gel on a fellow blogger website and thought to give it a try as it is already a reliable brand for our house. Read more >>

Catrice lipstick Ultimate Colour in Maroon - Review and Swatches

Catrice is one amazing cosmetic brand and they have some amazing products. Their ultimate color lipstick are mainly attractive because of their lovely sleek packaging and vivid shades. Today i am going to review their one shade called maroon. Read more >>

Sun Max sensitive SPF 30 - Sunscreen for Dry and sensitive skin

In the hot wether of lahore, going out in the sun even for 10 minutes will burn your skin without any suncreen or sunblock. I have been looking for any good sun protection and here is the best answer i have got. Read more >>

Shoes haul form metro

Getting some new shoes whether heels, flats, pumps, or any other types are every girls dream. I have recently bought some beautiful heels from Metro outlet. Today i am sharing the pictures of these shoes i hope you will like them as well. Read more >>

Urban Decay NAKED Palette - Review and Swatches

Urban Decay NAKED palette is very popular among makeup lovers because of its versatile collection of neutral shades. Today i am going to share my thoughts and swatches of this palette. Read more >>

Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold - Review and Swatches

If you love wearing makeup then blushers are very important to have in your makeup stash. Where matte blushers are perfect for every day casual look, shimmery finish is perfect to wear for formal events or girls day out. Sleek makeup have very nice range of blushers and this brand is known for quality products on reasonable prices. In their range they have one blusher which become popular because it is considered to be dupe of popular high end brand called Rose Gold. Read more >>