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Common Mistakes to Avoid to Look Slim and Smart

What clothes should be avoided so as not to visually add a few kilos? Plus-size models have been taking over the fashion world lately. Nevertheless, many girls continue to worry about extra pounds, imaginary or real. Sometimes we, without suspecting it, add extra volumes to ourselves. And not at the refrigerator, but at the closet, putting on things that visually fill us up. Read more >>

Best Cleansing Milk - Pond’s White Beauty VS Nivea Indulging - Review and Comparison

Cleansing milk are one of the most reliable product when it comes to deep cleaning especially for dry skin. There are a lot of cleansing milk available in market but Pond’s White Beauty and NIVEA VISAGE are ones which are most talked and used by almost all skin. I have tried some others in past but none of them was satisfying. Today i am going to review and compare these both so you can get the idea which one is best one. Read more >>