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Felicity Scott is a pre-school teacher by day and a content writer by night or weekends. She loves fashion so much that she makes it her mission to not only dress up every day but also to share her knowledge on the topic to help everyone else become fashionable. When she's not teaching or writing, she leads a cycling class in stylish workout clothes.
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Planning A Wedding On A Short Notice: 3 Tips For Success

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6 Easy Ways To Style A Hoodie

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How To Stay Fashionable When Wearing Your Work Boots

Wearing the appropriate footwear at work is a must, whether it’s worn in a corporate setting or on construction projects. Considering your entire weight is supported by your feet, it’ll be taxing to keep moving around with little to no support for them. Because of the constant abuse they experience, you’re bound to be afflicted with feet-related injury while working. That’s what work boots are designed for. Read more >>