Milvart Water Decal Nail Designs and Removing Wipes - Review

Nail art is a job which needs creativity and time to design nails in different patterns. Creating nail art with brushes and different stencils is time consuming and if you are on tight schedule you have to go with plain nail colors. However water decals are more convenient way to have beautiful nail designs without wasting too much time. Today i am going to talk about Milvart Water Decals nail designs which you can apply in few minutes. Read more >>

The Face Shop Rice Water Light Cleansing Oil - Korean Beauty Product Review

Cleansing oils are quite famous for removing makeup and deep cleansing. Many brands have their own version and if you are a person to not run away from DIY, you can make your own cleansing oil for skin care and removing makeup. The idea of cleansing oil is to clean your skin form impurities without stripping your skin's natural moisture and without harsh chemicals which can leave skin dull and dry. Today i am going to share my thought on most famous Korean product, The Face Shop Rice water light cleansing oil. Read more >>

Most Common Winter Clothing Essentials

With more then six months of lawn craze for summers, we are finally ready to welcome winter with warm clothes. Considering our winters have no extreme cold weather, winter clothes in Pakistan can be more stylish and off course little warm. Hoodies, pullovers, shrugs are all this season's craze and today i am going to share few common options which you can pick and make your winters stylish and comfortable. Read more >>

Glamorous Face Makhmally + Matte Touch Eyeshadow Palette - Review and Swatches

Today i am going to swatch the one palette, i think almost every beauty blogger in Pakistan have started with, called Glamorous Face Makhmally + Matte Touch 48 + 48 Eyeshadow Palette. I have this palette for very long as well and considering it is reviewed by many bloggers few years ago, i never reviewed it on my blog. Recently i noticed that there are no online swatches available of this palette and the ones who want to read review and see swatches before buying it might be very disappointed. So without further delay lets dig in the details of this palette. Read more >>

City Color Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream in Luminous Dewy Glow - Review

As i have mentioned in many posts that City Color has become one of my favorite brand because of their high quality products in very low price. The be matte lipstick are the ones who started all this and i still reach them for regularly. I have tried their liquid highlighters as well including highlighting wand in champagne and contour & cream highlighter in deep. Both products have different formula and have very good performance. Today i am going to share my thoughts on their Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream in Luminous Dewy Glow. Let me tell you how it performed for me. Read more >>

Tony Moly Floria Whitening Capsule Essence - Korean Beauty Product Review

Essence is one of the most important product is Korean skin care regime. Once i decided to try Korean skin care, i wanted to try famous Missah time revolution the first treatment essence mist but once i saw Tony Moly floria whitening capsule essence, i loved its packaging and considering that Tony Moly is one more famous Korean brand for beauty products and makeup, i decided to try it first. I have finished more then half of this bottle by now and ready to share my thoughts if it is good enough or not. Read more >>

W7 Naughty Nine Eyeshadow Collection in Mid Summer Nights - Review and Swatches

W7 is a quite budget friendly brand with wide range of good quality products. They mostly produce products which are dupe for high end brands like Makeup Revolution. I had tried their few products before but never reviewed any. Recently i spotted their naughty nine eyeshadow range which is dupe for MAC eye shadow palettes. I have picked one is Mid Summer Nights which is MAC dupe for Burgundy Times. The shades are almost identical as well as packaging of both palettes. Let me tell you if the quality of W7 palette is worth trying or not. Read more >>