Eyeliner Stencils for Cat Eyes and Smokey Eyes by Reasonablez.com - Review, Tutorial and Looks

Eyeliner stencils idea was originally introduced by the brand Beth Bender Beauty which got famous around the world quickly but they were extremely expensive to know if you are going to like them or not. Luckily there is one very reasonable option available to try which is locally available and have 6 different eyeliner styles then 2. Today i am going to share my thoughts and looks on these stencils by Reasonablez.com Read more >>

NYC Lovatics by Demi Lip and Cheek Tint in Cheeky Berry - Review and Swatches

Tints are some thing really amazing to try as they are very long lasting and are very light weight. I had not tried liquid tints so far and when i saw NYC is launching their new range called Lovatics by Demi, consisting of eyeshadow palette, lip and cheek tints, mascara and pencils, i knew i had to buy lip and cheek tint. They have 4 shades in this range and the one i bought is called Cheeky Berry. Today i am going to share my thoughts on this little beauty. Read more >>

Four Season Facial sheet Masks from Skin18 - Review

Facial sheet masks are some thing worth to try and you can never know how amazing they are unless you use them yourself. Luckily first i got the chance to try Facial Sheet Masks by Mori and SoQ few days ago which was a great experience. Koreans, The pioneer of best beauty products in the market have introduced these amazing masks to the world. Skin18 is one perfect place to get these masks from almost all Korean brands and on top of that, they have amazing offers, reasonable price and shipping. They kindly sent us 30 masks to try and we were super excited to try them. We sisters distributed these masks among us according to our skin and will be reviewing them in few posts. Today we are going to share our thought on 6 masks from Four Season Facial sheet Masks. Read more >>

Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4, Banana Powder Dupe - Review and swatches

Translucent powders are one important product in makeup routine for so long, specially if you have oily skin or live in environment which is hot most of the year like ours. These powders in pure white color were most famous for setting the make up but the biggest down side of that was giving white cast in flash lights. I do not need to blab over how famous the Ben Nye Banana powder is, as it is savior for warm skin tones for high lighting and setting concealers and foundation but getting your hands on that powder is so difficult particularly in Asia. I was curious to try that and happened to find a best dupe i could have and that is Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4. Read more >>

Pielor Hammam El Hana Argan Therapy Egyptian White Musk Shower Gel - Review

I recall using only soaps for body wash and when i started using shower gels i got hooked to them. When ever i spot new shower gel during shopping i just cannot resist buying it. A couple of months ago i picked Pielor Hammam El Hana Argan Therapy Egyptian White Musk Shower Gel, kind of ancient name it has. The brand belongs to Turkey and the terms Argan, therapy and musk made me buy it instantly. Today i am going to share my views on this shower gel that how it turned out for me. Read more >>

Watches for Men and Women for all Occasions

Wearing just a watch is not only useful for time telling but adds a touch of class and elegance in ones look. I used to wear a watch through out my academic years where nothing else was allowed to wear and it become part of my routine. Though back then you could get limited styles like leather strap in brown or black color for casual wear and thin metal strap or chain style for dress up but now there are tons of styles available to choose from like nylon, silicon, woven and plastic strap and if you need a glamorous touch you can go for bangle, bracelet watches and then again every style comes with small and big size and now you can Buy Watches Online in Pakistan easily. Read more >>

L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream - Review

I have mentioned so before that my skin is very dry and as much as dry skin have benefits it has some downsides as well. I rarely get any break out and enjoy sweat free skin around most of the year but at the same time dry skin is more prone to sun burn, uneven skin tone and most importantly get fine lines very early. On top of that if you spent more of your time in front of computer in moisture sucking conditioned room, your skin have to pay the price. I was looking for some good night cream which moisturize and at the same time keep my skin in good shape. L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream seems a good option to me as it targets the skin for age 25 to onward and have recently launched their improved formula. Today i am going to share my thoughts whether it was a good option or not. Read more >>