6 Beauty Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel

Oct 16, 2017 - Guest -
6 Beauty Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel
There is nothing more satiating than traveling as it offers the incredible experience. But traveling wreaks havoc on your beauty regime as it leaves the skin dehydrated or dry or oily and what adds to the problem is the packing restrictions on a number of beauty products.

If you are also one of those whose beauty routine is affected by your travel plans? Rest assured you are not alone! Most of the girls who are beauty addicts find it really difficult to pack when travelling as they feel separation anxiety with their favorite lip balms or the thought of their favorite blush turning into the powdery mess gives them jitters. Don’t let the worry of finding the ways to pack your essentials while saving suitcase space annoy you.

Here are some beauty hacks that will change the way you travel without compromising on your perfect looks:

Use contact lens case to keep the liquid foundation

One beauty product that is absolutely essential to get flawless skin is the liquid foundation. But keeping that long bottle or tube is surely not easy. Use the contact lens case and fill it with the liquid foundation and you are ready to go. To ensure further safety use the ziplock to keep it safe. You can go one step further and carry two or more cases and fill them up with sunscreen, face moisturizer, and liquid blush on.

Use cotton pad to keep compact safe from breaking

If you are one of those who can’t stand the sight of broken compact, place the cotton pad on your blush or compact to save it from breaking into little pieces. The cotton pad will absorb the shocks keeping your favorite compact intact in transit.

Use universal makeup sticks

Monochromatic makeup is the in-thing and thus it is easy to ditch the blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Instead, invest in a multitasking all in one makeup sticks.  Almost all brands have come up with makeup sticks that work as a perfect blush, highlight, and contours and is great for lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Tape around the seal of makeup tubes and bottles

Makeup spill not only makes the terrible mess but also means wastage of few dollars. The very idea of your emulsion mingling with your little black dress is enough to make you feel miserable. So, to avoid any harassment it is best to tape around the seal of the travel makeup tubes and bottles. Carry the tape with you so that you can seal them again before traveling again.

Buy travel-sized perfume and makeup

Have you ever noticed how carelessly the baggage handlers load and unload the luggage from the plane? Do you still want to carry your favorite fragrance on your next vacation? Packing a breakable fragrance is not a good idea. Rather look for pocket-sized roll-on perfumes to minimize the risk of a perfume disaster. Also, look for minis of your favorite makeup products so that you are not stuck with full-sized makeup when packing. The minis also give you the chance to enjoy new colors and tones when holidaying.

Use sunglass case to store makeup brushes

It is very important to have right tools to apply the makeup to get the flawless look. To keep your makeup brushes safe when traveling it is best to keep them in the slim sunglasses case. It is an easy, sleek and compact way to keep them together for easy retrieval.

Don’t go overboard with free samples

Brands love to give out free samples at the stores or send out when you shop online, but when on a vacation avoid going overboard with the samples. You will surely not like to be disappointed with the sample shampoo or conditioner or blush on and spoil your pictures of the trip. And the hassle of running to the store to look for your preferred brand is an additional pain. Buy travel size shampoo and conditioner of your favorite brand and secure them using rubber bands and zip lock pouches.

Perfect lashes

Carry a pair of false eyelashes on your trip and re-use it during the whole trip. You can use the brow brush to clean the glue residue off the lashes. To pull the old glue gently rub the brush through the lashes carefully. Make sure you don’t ruin its shape. This will help you save on the hassle of carrying mascara and perfecting it every time you set out from the hotel.

These are just some of the beauty travel tricks and tips to keep you looking stunning on your next trip. To know some more travel tips and hacks you must check the savvyexpeditioner.com. These beauty hacks will not only help you save on space but also offer you a perfect look.
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